Mungkin yg akan gw tulis kali ini jauh banget dari yg pernah gw tulis2 sebelumnya, n akan terkesan chessy or messy (grammar gw carut marut). but anyhow.. this is my blog, i can do anything i wanna do (he…he…)

Once upon a time, i was falling into something called love. at that time the word sound to be ridiculous to me, even i wasn’t realize that true love is exist. She was the one that makes my heart going faster n slower in the same time. Maybe she wasn’t the prettiest girl i ever saw, but she’s the one that sees me not only as a classmate but also as a person with warmth heart. She found outs that i deserved to be loved. But hey, i made a terrible mistake, which became regrets then. i know i love her, because when she smile at me i feel like all kindness has been pouring to my heart, because when she talks to me i feel a thousand goddes singing a song in slow motion right after me, because i know i was loved when i near her n feeling misserable when i unable to see her. i’m darely bet i was act every romantic thing you ever seen in a love movie. but… when it comes to the next step, i was a coward, i let my fearness taking me control, eventhough i don’t really know what i’m affraid to. Maybe i affraid that she will reject me n i will lose every momment i had then or maybe i wasn’t sure what i really want… i dont know. but all i know is right now, in the present time i’m laying here in my bed let my finger dancing allover the buttons, wishing that i could turn back time, n rewrite my history…

Just some little L in my little life


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