my life is like a closed book
minus the happy ending
and the conclusion is pending
on whether or not i can change your heart
life is a long line that splits us apart
and i know that no matter how much i scream
my voice is canceled by the roar of the crowd

you are on a name on a wall
it stands in front of me
a million different names
yours is the only i can see

you are the angel of my nightmare
you are the one that comforts me when nobody cared

i’m not giving up on you
but i am running out of things to say
and i’m not sure how far this will go
if you can’t meet me half way

it’s time to distinguish the difference
between necessity and desire
you said you love him
oh how i wish that you were a liar


2 Responses to “Copy-CAT!”

  1. 1 arif June 29, 2007 at 8:24 am

    copy-cat apanya man? ah, saya tak mengerti seni dan bahasa inggris.. 😦

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