In Rainbows, a Free Album?

wew i just got this info, Radiohead new album called In Rainbows has come out n guess what… you can get it for nothing A.K.A free. I’m not kidding n of course it’s legal if not how can i dare to post it in here… :p .


you can get it on the In Rainbows website which is

just like this:


And this one proves that i’m not a liar


Cos you can fill  the price input with whatever number you want, including zero which mean free. And the statistic on shows that 60% of downloader pay for nothing.

I think this is the new marketing strategy in advance of digital music format that easy to share n the piracy of course.

Eventhough i’m not a real fanatic to them, i enjoy the some of their music n really welcome this “situation” (cos i pay for nothing too :p ).


3 Responses to “In Rainbows, a Free Album?”

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